About Horizon Orthodontics


We strive to make getting orthodontic care as affordable and convenient as possible.

We are committed to providing you high-quality care at an affordable price because we know a smile can change a life. And while you’ll always receive affordable care, we also utilize the latest technology and orthodontic treatments in our care for you.

Highly Trained Orthodontist

Dr. Paul Robinson DDS is a highly-trained specialist who provides the care and expert attention your teeth need when it comes to visiting the orthodontist. Dr. Robinson has completed the rigorous training required to become specialized in the use of braces, retainers and additional dental procedures to ensure your teeth can be straightened.

When you choose us for your orthodontic care, we make sure you’re fully taken care of with the high-quality treatments you deserve.

Please contact us today for more information about the high-quality orthodontic treatments we offer.